Customer Flow Management (CFM) allows organizations to manage client movement and also improve client experience. CFM focuses on the orientation and movement of clients and the experience that result from the first contact of the client within the organization to the end of that engagement. CFM equally includes the measure of client satisfaction once the engagement has been concluded.

Q-Matic Corporation

Qmatic, the world leader in (CFM), invented this methodology that connects the virtual and real world to create outstanding and consistent customer journeys through all channels. Every step of CFM (pre-arrival, arrival, queuing and waiting, serving, post serving, and managing) is the key to ensuring a faster and better service process and business benefits for a small location or a wide network of branches. Qmatic stresses the importance of planning and monitoring the customer’s entire visit, also capturing data and information at each point of contact with a member of staff or self-service point to manage operation and drive efficiency.